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Boswells Beanery

Chai Latte Syrup

Chai Latte Syrup

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Enhance Your Coffee Experience with Our Gourmet Flavored Coffee Syrups

Transform your everyday coffee into a delightful indulgence with our gourmet-flavored coffee syrups. Crafted with premium ingredients, our Chai Latte Syrup add a burst of delicious flavor to your favorite brews, making each cup a unique and enjoyable experience.

Why Choose Our Flavored Coffee Syrups?

Premium Ingredients: Made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients, our syrups deliver authentic flavors without any artificial additives or preservatives.

Rich and Flavorful: Each syrup is designed to complement the natural taste of your coffee, enhancing it with rich, indulgent flavors.

Versatile Uses: Perfect not just for coffee, but also for lattes, cappuccinos, iced drinks, and even desserts. Our syrups bring versatility and creativity to your kitchen.

Perfect for Every Occasion:

Afternoon Delight: Add a touch of sweetness and flavor to your mid-day coffee break, making it a moment of pure indulgence.

Coffee and Lattes: Add a splash to your brewed coffee or espresso for an instant flavor boost.

Iced Drinks: Mix into a cold brew or, iced lattes for a refreshing, flavored beverage.

Desserts: Drizzle over ice cream, pancakes, or waffles for an extra touch of sweetness.

Experience the joy of gourmet coffee at home with our flavored coffee syrups. Each bottle promises to enhance your coffee moments, making every sip a delicious adventure.


1.5 in x 6.75 in

5 fl oz

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