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The perfect sauce makes everyday fare special and unique, and lends an amazing gourmet touch to many dishes.

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Shanghai Stir-Fry Sauce
A sweet and zesty sauce packed with aromatic spices.  Add to any meat or vegetable stir-fry;  marinate chicken, seafood, tofu or meat;  use as a dipping sauce shrimp, chicken nuggets, eggrolls or meatballs;  baste chicken, ribs, pork or seafood.

Tropical Hawaiian Sauce
A pineapple-ginger fruit sauce that truly enhances the flavors of many dishes. Baste chicken, duck, spareribs, pork roast or chops, shrimp, snapper or tuna; use as a dunking sauce for chicken nuggets, egg rolls, or quesadillas; add to sweet potatoes, fried rice, or chicken salad for a sweet, yet savory, taste sensation.

Creamy English Horseradish Sauce
A creamy, tangy sauce that adds just enough zesty zip to many recipes. Serve it with roast beef, prime rib, steak, salmon cakes, or corned beef; a great dipping sauce for beef fondue, grilled shrimp, or sauerkraut balls; use it as a sandwich spread with turkey, ham, or roast beef. You will definitely tantalize your taste buds with this awesome sauce.

Teriyaki Sauce
A complex mixture of soy sauce, spices and seasonings, teriyaki which means “glazed-broiled”, has become an ideal marinade or all-purpose cooking sauce.  Baste broiled or grilled chops, kabobs, seafood, vegetable or chicken wings;  marinate chicken, salmon, beef, poultry or ham;  use as a stir-fry or dipping sauce;  add to baked beans, meatloaf, fried rice pulled pork or hamburgers.

Lemon Caper
Sauté chicken breasts. Pour over and bake for 5 min. Instant "Chicken Piccata"! Spoon heated sauce over grilled fish, crab or salmon cakes, turkey or pork cutlets, lamb or veal chops. Delicious! Use as a dipping sauce for roasted vegetables (asparagus, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts etc.) Mix with pasta and add your favorite grilled vegetable and/or meat or poultry. Cream with butter and spread on bread - top with salmon, red onion and capers.

Raspberry Chipotle Sauces
Smoky, sweet, spicy - what a combination! The sweetness of the fresh raspberries is the perfect contract to the spicy smoke flavor of the chipotle peppers. Best used as a final touch to grilled chicken, pork tenderloin or salmon; warm it for a fondue dipping sauce; pour it on brie cheese or cream cheese for an outstanding hors d’oeurves.



lemon caper

I can't get enough of this sauce. I use the most as a tartar sauce on all my fish and seafood dishes.

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Ginger Tai is AWESOME!

The ginger Tai sauce is AMAZING on anything! Chicken, pork, shrimp...it's my go to!



We found Boswells Blends at a local craft show and have since dropped the classic store bought brands. Boswells are UNBEATABLE. Definitely the top family favorite!

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Other Sauces

Other Sauces

The perfect sauce makes everyday fare special and unique, and lends an amazing gourmet touch to many dishes.

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