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Our blends are extremely versatile and all can be made into a dip, bagel blend, or cheese ball (without the addition of mayonnaise). Some make savory salsas and sensational salad dressings. Many can be used to flavor butter, pasta, rice, or bread mixes. Others can be added to pancake batter, cottage cheese, or whipped cream.

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Apple Cinnamon
Nothing is more American then apple pie and this delightfully classic combination of crisp apples and subtle cinnamon is captured in this not-too-sweet, not-too-tart dip.  Great as an afternoon snack for the kids served with apple wedges.

Blazin’ Cajun
A little heat, a little sweet and a lotta fun.  This is a party in your mouth!  Mix it into rice for a great side to any Cajun meal, add to crushed tomatoes for a zippy salsa or use as a seasoning to kick up the flavor in many dishes.

Blueberry Bliss
You won’t be blue when you taste the sweet, freshly-picked flavor of blueberries that bursts forth in this fruity dip.  A wonderful spread on bagels, muffins and toast or just a delicious dip for berries and fruit.

Cheesy Cheddar
If you love mac and cheese, this is the dip for you.  This smooth  and creamy cheddar dip was made for cheese lovers.  Pour over fries and potato puffs or use as a sauce on hot veggies (Would you believe kids love this over broccoli).

Cool Bleu Cheese
This classic, tangy bleu cheese dip will be the hit of any party served with chicken wings and celery sticks.  If you’d like a little more heat, add some hot sauce.  Use on salads and potatoes, mix into cottage cheese or sprinkle on popcorn.

Country Chive
A dip that tastes like summer on a chip.  The flavor of chive will make you dive into this creamy and fresh-tasting mix that you won’t believe came in a packet.  Serve with sliced pepper and celery slices or topped on baked potatoes.

Cranberry Maple
A delicious combination that goes hand in hand to form the perfect marriage of flavors.  The tart taste of cranberries coupled with the sweet flavor of maple form a sensory harmony that will delight your taste buds.  Enjoy with fruit or cookies.

Cucumber Onion
You’ll remain cool as a cucumber after tasting this refreshingly cool and creamy classic.  With a hint of onion and some special spices, cucumbers never tasted this fresh.   Serve with sliced cucumbers, mix into a pasta salad or top off a gyros.

Dipity-Do Dill
This fresh-tasting dip, loaded with dill and the subtle flavors of onions, garlic and other savory spices, is utterly “Dillicious”.  Mix with olive oil and baste salmon or add to egg or tuna salads.  Any way you use it, you’ll definitely experience “The Thrill of the Dill”.

French Onion
This onion dip is so delicious it will make you want to cry….with delight.  The sweet yet savory, mild yet pungent fresh taste of onions is a crowd favorite.  A classic that everyone loves.  Create new taste sensations by adding it to meatloaf or pot roasts.

Garden Medley
If you could put all the flavors of a summer vegetable garden into a dip, this is what it would taste like.  Light and smooth would describe this refreshing mix of colorful veggies.  Use to make herbed  butter or add to cooked vegetables or potatoes.

Golden Garlic
This is Garlic Galore and More, guaranteed to keep the vampires away.  Garlic is the most-used seasoning in the world and with good reason.  This boldly flavored dip excites and tantalizes your palate.  It is definitely “Garlic with Gusto”.

Gourmet Guacamole
Holy Moly, what a guacamole!  If you love homemade guacamole but hate homemade preparation, look no further.  We’ve captured the fresh flavor of creamy, ripe avocadoes and blended them with garlic, chilies and spices.  Tacos, Nachos and Quesadillas will never taste the same.

Hot Cha-Cha Sriracha
Some like it hot but not just hot.  They want hot, hot and this dip delivers.  This has a kick of heat that can’t be beat which starts off innocent but then hits you with a WHAM!  This will cause a sensory explosion in your mouth and have you coming back for more.

Hot Jalapeno
Not too hot, just hits the spot.  A spicy treat with a little heat.  Has a bite but won’t cause fright.  In this dip, everything is right, so you can’t go wrong.  Dip your chips into this cool but spicy dash of flavor or use as one of the layers in a seven layer dip.

Jalapeno Mesquite
Say “Ole” to this robust, smoky Tex-Mex flavor.  This spicy combination will tickle your tonsils and have your taste buds dancing.  The smoky flavor of mesquite meets the zesty flavor of jalapeno to create an explosion in your mouth.

Mardi Gras Magic
If you’d like a “Burst of the Bayou”, this blend of chunky vegetables and savory seasonings will have you partying like it was Mardi Gras.  A cornucopia of veggies in a buttermilk base will have you dancing in the streets.  So tasty when added to omelettes or risotto.

Raspberry Royale
We’ll razzle dazzle your taste buds with the sun-kissed flavor of juicy raspberries.  Take a walk on the sweet side, using this dip to top waffles or ice cream, as a spread on bagels and English muffins or as a base for a fruit pizza.

Refreshing Ranch
The favorite dip in most households because this dip goes with just about everything.  It’s cool, smooth and creamy, making it everyone’s choice as one of the most versatile spreads.  Top baked potatoes or sprinkle on popcorn and French fries.

Roasted Garlic Spinach Onion
The garden fresh flavor of freshly picked spinach combined with the sweet, mellow flavor of roasted garlic and the tart bite of onions combine to create a delicious balance that will make everyone believe you’ve labored for hours.  This is Popeye’s favorite.  Add Olive Oil for a great dressing.

Seafood Sensation
A seafood lover’s dream catch.  Once you try this combination blend of shrimp, crab and lobster, you’ll be hooked.  So dive into this simply irresistible ultimate taste sensation.  Mix into crab cakes and tuna salad or use as a dip for boiled seafood or fried fish.

Smoky Bacon
A bacon lover’s dream that transports you to Hog Heaven.  Mix this into ground beef at your next cook-out and we guarantee, you’ll be in charge of the burgers at every future outing.  If you want a double whammy, use it to top baked potatoes.

Southwest Scorcher
Bring the flavor of the Southwest that you find in south of the border cantinas to your table.  A dip with some zip and the ultimate combination of chilies and savory spices that will offer you a blast to the past.  Add to burgers or pulled pork.

Sundried Tomato with Cheddar and Bacon
The fresh, sweet taste of vine-ripened tomatoes coupled with cheesy cheddar and hickory-smoked bacon make this our best-seller.  Make a double batch because it is guaranteed to disappear at your next party.  Add to hamburger and VOILA, instant bacon cheeseburger.

Thai with Ginger
“Thai one on” and you will experience the unique flavors of curry, ginger and other exotic spices.  A combination that creates a distinctly different dip that surprises the palate. This dip will excite sophisticated palates who will savor these awesome flavors.



Smoky Bacon is f a n t a s t i c

My husband and I have been buying Boswell's Blends for a few years now and haven't tried a bad one yet! Our all time favorite is Smoky Bacon, can't recommend it enough!!

Some of our other favs are Sundried Tomato with Cheddar and Bacon, Jalapeno Mesquite, Roasted Garlic Spinach Onion, and Golden Garlic.


Love Boswells!!

My husband and I love Boswell's Beanery! The dips are divine! We love Mardi Gras Magic, Garlic Spinach Onion, Smoky Bacon and so many more. We always have sour cream in our fridge to mix some dip. We stock up at every craft show we find their goodies.


Dipty-Do-Dill is a great deal!!

Found your dips on display at Sol's in Berlin back in 2016 or '17 (can't remember which...). Anyways, tried it and fell in love with the Dipty-Do-Dill and so did many of my family back in Mississippi. You see, my husband and I were up there visiting his family and just or on a day trip. So now every year we go, I have to stock up on the great dip mixes from Boswell's Blends.

Great product!!!



I absolutely love these dips. Such a simple snack and i know it doesn't have any of the chemicals and preservatives of store-bought dip.

I took my daughter to Yankee Peddler in 2018 when she was just a year old and she tasted all the dips and loved them. Now that she is a toddler, she is happily dipping her pretzel sticks in it as long as I will let her eat it! :)


found your booth at twin lakes Greensburg PA

We tried several of your product . Love all of them. Favorites were golden garlic, french onion. Plan to use more . Highly recommend to anyone who likes a good tip. Really like that little bag goes long way !!!!


Love Wicked Wasabi Bacon

I’m a huge fan of warsabi so this dip does not disappoint! Definitely a winner in our house.


Great products

I bought 3 flavors at a show. I was sold on two things: you could add them to Greek yogurt (which we always use rather than sour cream and never mayo) and the ingredient list had salt way down on the list. We stay away from prepared foods due to the sodium content, but these were not loaded in salt like most products. It is also great you can use this for multiple batches, adding an amount to your taste—-if you really want more salt add it yourself. I will be back for more.



I love the seafood sensation.I make a trip to Berlin, Ohio just to get this product . buy 6 at a time , this trip I bought the Country Chive and Marti Grau .


Great product

Seen this product at Home Show at the Kalaharia in Sandusky, OH. Purchased 3 different dip flaboring then stopped at store on the way home to buy a bag of pretzels as I knew I had rest of ingredients at home to make 1 if these dips. I made the "roasted garlic spinach onion dip". OMG... it is the best. Will sure buy some more next time I see them at a show. Fantastic and great tasting products.

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Boswell's Blends

Boswell's Blends

It's party-time-anytime!

Our blends are extremely versatile and all can be made into a dip, bagel blend, or cheese ball (without the addition of mayonnaise). Some make savory salsas and sensational salad dressings. Many can be used to flavor butter, pasta, rice, or bread mixes. Others can be added to pancake batter, cottage cheese, or whipped cream.

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