Security of our on-line transactions:

We understand that many people are wary (and justifiably so) about sending credit card information over the Internet.  We are concerned about this issue as well, and we have taken appropriate steps be sure that your billing information is safe.

If you do decide to place your order on-line, our security setup is one of the best on the Internet.  When you click on the "checkout" button, your browser and our server negotiate the highest possible encryption that your system supports (For most people, this is 128-bit SSL encryption).  You can tell this by the small lock in the bottom corner of your browser window.  Here you can safely enter your contact information (name, address, phone #), shipping information, and billing information.

If you absolutely will not trust your credit card information on-line, we fully understand.  You may use our on-line store to compile and price your order.  When you are ready to place your order please contact us by phone at (330) 278-4619 or (877) 463-4619.