Throughout the years, many people have asked how we started BOSWELL’S BEANERY AND BLENDS, and are quite surprised to hear that we never intended to start a business.  For 32 years, both Ron and I had very fulfilling and rewarding jobs in education and would probably have retired to a life of gardening, cooking, painting, golfing, and traveling.  Now, although we do all of the above, it’s on a much more limited basis  then we had anticipated, because 30 years ago we made a donation to a hospital benefit… and the rest is the story of how BOSWELL’S BEANERY AND BLENDS began.

Since one of our hobbies was canning, a friend asked us to donate a dozen jars of our dilled pickles for a hospital raffle. Unfortunately, when the raffle time approached, our stock of pickles was depleted, so we substituted a thirteen bean soup mix in the canning jars.  However, we had to purchase the beans in 20 pound bags, which left us with 260 pounds of beans.  In order to use up the beans, we placed them at some local farm markets and were pleasantly surprised when they all called back with reorders and asked if we had any other soup mixes or other products.  So we developed a soup line, and then a dip line, and then a dressing line, a sauce line, a cheesecake line, etc.  And that is how we started a business that was never meant to be.   

We totally enjoy meeting so many of you at the numerous craft shows in which we participate. With your ongoing support we hope it will continue for many years to come. Many of you have become very meaningful people in our lives and we truly treasure all the memories we have shared throughout the years. You are one of the biggest reasons we thoroughly enjoy our business.  We are thankful to our families, friends, customers and the many people who have helped us throughout the years, especially those who work for us (or more appropriately, “with us”) and the developmentally and physically challenged adults who package our products.

Because of your belief in us and our products, our promise to you is our motto…

“Our products are prepared with pride, a passion for perfection and a steadfast commitment to excellence”.

Pat and Ron Boswell